Dawid Pandel Art Jewellery Workshop

How did it start?

Design and manufacture of jewelry I have been dealing with for almost twenty years. The adventure started in the Jacek Malczewski's School of Arts in Czestochowa. Choosing school, I knew I loved art. I went to that school not because of jewelry, on the contrary, I did not even consider taking up this profession. My attitude changed radically when I learned about this noble occupation. Since then I knew I had to be a jeweler, I fell in love with it (although sometimes it was love without reciprocity). I honored the diploma of a jeweler with distinction. I started my studio almost immediately after leaving the school walls, my work has evolved and matured with me. Undoubtedly, the priceless education learned from the school benches has become increasingly insufficient, and continuous development, study of literature and development of the workshop were inevitable.

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Don't stop...

The development of the workshop and skills led me to a stage that you can watch. From massive, silver forms, I moved to more modern, simple gold products, giant cabochones gave way to unique, natural precious stones, which became my next great passion. Delicate, even intricate forms, versatile and elegant, dominated my projects.


Not only jewelry.

In addition to jewelry, I also have a large collection of precious stones. In this fascinating science of gemmology, I try to find a place for myself. I make simple gemmological studies that allow me to determine the basic parameters of the stones. The minerals themselves are coming to me from the farthest corners of the world and are often the central and most important element of my products. I will try to encourage you to search for your beloved stones and design your own jewelery with them.

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"Art" to order.

I am very pleased to make the projects of my clients. You have often great ideas that would not come to my mind. I have a workshop and I have the necessary skills, and you have your ideas, your dream jewelery that you can not get anywhere. It is not worth looking for it anymore, it is worth doing it and with my help you can achieve it. I encourage you to contact me (you can be contacted in many ways) on any individual orders. 

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